Forging Press Products

Shaft Rotor
Shaft Stator
Flange Stator
End RR Axle Housing
Hub Front Axle
Flange Universal Joint
Yoke Flange
Yoke Slined
Bracket Lower Arm
End Shaft End Propeller
Gear Pinion
Flange Companion
Hub Front Wheel
Shaft Propeller

In the end of the year 2023, PT. Fujita Indonesia is once again fostering collaboration with CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa, the largest national private company in the industry of two-wheel hand tractors, four-wheel tractors, and four-wheel rural transport tractors under the brand QUICK. The “QUICK” tractors utilize Kubota engines as the power unit for pulling the hand tractors. Through this collaboration expansion, PT. Fujita Indonesia not only remains a producer of motor vehicle, car, and truck components but also ventures into the agricultural vehicle sector. This presents an opportunity for PT. Fujita to advance its technology and meet market demands in the field of agricultural vehicles. At this moment we supply components, it is Gear