About us

Fujita Indonesia is known as a leading forging company in Indonesia. We are a manufacturing company that initially specialized in producing components for the two-wheeled motorcycle industry, with a primary focus on manufacturing Connecting Rods. As the company grew, we expanded our operations to include components for the four-wheeled vehicle sector as well.Commencing its operations in April 2002, the company holds Foreign Investment status originating from Japan. The nomenclature ‘Fujita’ is derived from its founder, Mr. Tasaku Fujita. PT. Fujita Indonesia operates as an offshoot of Fujita Tekkosho, situated in Kakegawa, Japan.

In 2006, PT. Fujita Indonesia inaugurated a new facility known as Fujita Indonesia Plant II, strategically located at Jl. Maligi III Lot N-3B KIIC Industrial Area Karawang. This expansion was prompted by a surge in customer demand and aimed to elevate customer satisfaction. Subsequently, in 2010, PT. Fujita Indonesia further expanded its operations with the establishment of another new facility, Plant III.

The company has been experiencing growth by diversifying its portfolio to encompass the manufacturing of automobile components. This diversification has led to an augmentation in production lines, including Crankshafts, Rotors, Hubs, Flanges, Bracket, Axle Housings, Weights, and various other components. These products are supplied to numerous prominent automotive companies involved in the production of motor vehicles. At present, we have expanded our production capabilities to include Connecting Rods for automobiles and are committed to pursuing continuous innovation in our processes and products.

Company Overview

LocationJl. Maligi III Lot N-3A Kawasan Industri KIIC, Kab. Karawang, Jawa Barat. 41361
Phone No.021-8910 7777
Establishment03 April 2002
Property Area / FactoryProperty Area : 39.478 m2 / Factory Area : 23.407 m2
Capital$ 14,854,200.00
ManagementCommissioner : Mr. Tetsuo Fujita
President Director : Mr. Keishi Fujita
ShareholderFujita Iron Work Co., Ltd Japan : 99.59%
Daiwa Forging Co., Ltd Japan : 0.41%
Employees511 Person (January 2024)
Business ActivitiesManufacturing Industry of Automotive Component

Corporate policy


Makes PT. Fujita Indonesia to be no.1 forging company in Indonesia and no. 1 Connrod manufacturers in Southeast Asia

  • Harmony
  • Responsible
  • Challenge
Basic Policy
  • Employees advancement is also company advancement.
  • Company advancement is also an employees. advancement
  • Towards the company and its employees. developed and prosperus together, for the advancement of Indonesia.
Work Guidelines
  • Try without Fear of Failure
  • Try Changing How to Work
  • Try Until Succeed

Quality and Environment

With the quality and environmental management system, PT. Fujita Indonesia as a company engaged in the “Manufacturing of automotive parts”, with the main process “Forging and Machining” committed :

  • Customer satisfaction and achievement of improvements in productivity and product quality
  • Prevention of environmental pollution and the occurrence of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, exploitation of natural resources, and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • To abide by the regulations and statutes as well as other requirements.
  • Improving the system of continuous.