PT. Fujita Indonesia inaugurated its initial factory in 2002, initiating production and embarking on a journey of continuous improvement to sustain and further our growth trajectory.


In 2006, we established our second factory (Plant II) in response to escalating production demands. We have been consistently augmenting our production capacity while placing utmost priority on quality standards and perpetuating a culture of continuous improvement.


Our development and expansion persist, driven by the diverse array of parts we manufacture and the escalating demand. In 2010, we inaugurated our third factory (Plant III) to accommodate this growth and further meet the rising demands of our products.


We are a prominent forging company at the forefront of the manufacturing industry. Our expertise lies in employing the metal forging process, employing high-pressure force to craft top-tier components. Housed within our facility are cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art technology, empowering us to fabricate an extensive spectrum of forging components. Our adeptness extends to handling various metal types, encompassing iron, steel, alloy steel, and more. The backbone of our operations is our team of seasoned professionals who adeptly maneuver forging machinery, crafting components that epitomize precision, strength, and durability. In addition to our commitment to excellence, we prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our production processes are conscientiously executed, adhering rigorously to all pertinent regulations and safety standards. We ensure that our operations are conducted responsibly, demonstrating our dedication to environmental preservation.