Forging Hammer

Hot forging involves heating metallic materials until they reach a red-hot color and then pressing the material into desired shapes using a press machine and tooling. This process takes only a few seconds due to the high temperatures involved. Hot forging results in components with high strength and excellent tensile quality.

To carry out hot forging, we utilize Forging Presses and Air Stamp Hammers as our primary tools. These tools enable us to shape and craft hot-forged products efficiently and effectively. The hot forging technology is widely employed across various industries such as automotive, aviation, construction, heavy equipment, and others. This process yields products with high strength, excellent wear resistance, and superior mechanical properties. The advancement of hot forging technology continues through more sophisticated approaches, including the utilization of more precise control technologies, more accurate temperature monitoring, and innovations in processable metal materials. These endeavors aim to enhance efficiency, precision, and the ultimate quality of metal product manufacturing.